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Meet Our Team

The team of veterinary technicians and assistants at Temple City Animal Hospital is here to care for your pets like their own.

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Kelly #1


Hospital Manager 

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    Kelly has always had a passion for animals and feels grateful that she has been able to serve clients and pets in this field for twenty-plus years. She has been with Temple City Animal Hospital since 2004. She has two perfect dogs and many beautiful cats that keep her on her toes.

Nancy #1


Lead Technician 

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    Nancy has been in the field for nineteen years. She enjoys watching NASCAR and Criminal Minds with her Chihuahua Mardi and her polydactyl cat Hagatha.

Kathryn #1


Registered Veterinary Technician 

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    Hello, my name is Kathryn. I have wanted to work with animals since I was a young child because of my german shepherd, Timothy. I have graduated from the Veterinary Technician Program at Mount San Antonio College. Every day I look forward to meeting and caring for every animal that comes in no matter how small or big. When free I enjoy playing games, reading, being with friends, learning new things, and spending time with my Australian Cattle dog mix, Molly.

Claudia #1


Technician Assistant 

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    Hi. My name is Claudia Lomeli. I’ve been working with animals for about three years and I’ve been around animals since I was four years old. I currently own a poodle mix named Bengi, a basset hound named Maya, and a red-headed amazon named Pedro. I love working with animals and IO want to keep working in this field for many more years.

Jeanette #1


Technician Assistant 

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    Hello, my name is Jeanette Barrera! I am 24 years old, currently in my last year at Cal Poly Pomona. I will be graduating with an Agricultural Science degree, and I plan to attend a veterinary school. I have a passion for working with animals, which is why I love my job. In my spare time, I enjoy trying new things, shopping at Target, reading occasionally, and spending time with my fur babies. When I first started working at Temple City Animal Hospital I was not a big fan of cats but now I own three (and three dogs too)!

Kristine #1


Technician Assistant 

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    I am a second-year Biology major at the University of California, Riverside. My long term goal is to become a Veterinarian, although I also do have dreams of becoming an interior designer. I didn’t always live in Temple City; I was originally from Los Angeles and moved to Temple City when I was about ten. When I was eight years old, I brought my rabbit Daisy in to get her nails clipped and that was when we learned that my bunny was actually a male. My favorite colors are what I like to call “sunset colors’ like pastels and pink, orange, yellow, and white. My favorite breed of dogs are Huskies and I wish I had the time and space to own one but I, unfortunately, am not there yet.

Noemi #1


Technician Assistant 

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    Hello, My name is Noemi and I moved from a small country town named Rome, Georgia to Los Angeles about three years ago. I am currently going to school to be a Registered Veterinary Technician, where I have only four more months to go until I graduate! I love being outdoors and going on different types adventures and being spontaneous. My passion is to help, save and protect our animals and be the voice for them!

Jackie #1


Technician Assistant 

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    Hi I’m Jackie, and this is Simba. He was not happy about our photoshoot! Although I love all animal species, I have a sweet spot for tabby cats and pit bulls. I’ve worked in animal care for over 5 years with livestock, lab animals, and shelter animals. I’m a Pasadena City College and UC Davis alumni, and will soon be for Platt College.

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